About the Instructor

Welcome, Dave has been assessed and graded by the DVSA as a Top Grade ‘A’ Instructor 48/51.

He runs an Independent Driving School that promises to provide you with the tuition that you need to become a Safe and confident driver.

Dave has run this business for the last twelve years, and has achieved Excellent Results for the Candidates (100% Pass Rate for June and July 2019).

Dave has previously been a Police Advanced driver and is the Chairman of the Loughborough Association of Driving Instructor’s.

He can accommodate anyone who is nervous or anxious about driving or learning to drive, right through to Pass Plus Courses and motorway driving .


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I am writing this from the parents perspective. My daughter had just moved to Loughborough to study, and we didn’t know the area at all. I trawled the internet to find the driving schools which appealed to me as a parent. Dave Halls School of Driving really stood out: he has very good reviews, an excellent pass rate and he has a tremendous amount of driving experience/background. At the time of trawling the internet, his rates were slightly higher than a few other schools, but they did not meet the criteria I had set. Dave ticked every box. I called Dave up and asked tons of questions. He was very patient with me, answered each question in turn and explained everything I needed to know. He passed the “mom test” with flying colours ?. When I spoke to my daughter about her driving lessons, she was always positive and her voice was full of enthusiasm. It sounded like they really got on. The things that she was told to look out for and to anticipate were very advanced. Many people that I know whom have been driving for years, don’t even know those aspects. I can’t recommend Dave enough.

Hayley. Birmingham. 2019.

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