Measures Put in Place for COVID19

All pupils MUST notify the Instructor at the earliest opportunity if they, or any member of their immediate family, or circle of friends has tested positive, is awaiting a test result or shows any signs of being unwell.

ALL pupils MUST provide AND wear their own face covering.

The Face Covering MUST be an Approved covering and NOT a self made one e.g a bandana.

Pupils will be asked to confirm all is well and be wearing their face covering BEFORE entering the vehicle.

Cleaning equipment will be provided free of charge to ensure the vehicle is cleaned properly.

The forehead temperature of the instructor and the pupil will be taken with a non contact thermometer and recorded before the lesson commences. This will be normally completed in the vehicle to ensure an accurate reading.

If a pupil needs to remove their face covering during the lesson, this will completed once the vehicle has stopped and in a safe location.

Further advice or clarification can be provided by the Instructor should it be required.

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